I first want to say thank you. I’ve had several coaches that give cookie cutter programs or programs where you’re uneducated about what you’re doing with your body. These two instances only led me to short term success and eventually reverse weight gain once I was no longer following their guidelines.

I just completed the 6 month MM program. Your program not only shifted my mindset but educated me to understand what my body is telling me. I haven’t binged in almost 2 months. I now understand the difference between physical hunger cues vs. emotional hunger cues. I poop regularly. My period is consistent. I have less bloat, but also know how to relieve of bloat when it occurs.

The tools you both shared with me gave me the courage to do this on my own. This is a complete lifestyle change and I feel like such a different person because of it. I no longer have guilt eating something that’s “off track” or by eating out at a restaurant with family/friends. I now give my body grace in those times. I exercise and remain active regularly not because I “have” to but because I “want” to.


I love macro mindset. It’s helped me figure out that fueling my body with good whole food and lifting rather than running myself ragged works! I for one plan to continue after my first round of MM to reach my goals with Alex, Kelsey and the MM community cheering me on.



I went wedding dress shopping today and even said yes to my dress! Today was magical and so much fun, but what’s even better is that I never once looked in the mirror and found a flaw/negative part of my body! I think that’s a damn big win and what Macro Mindset is teaching us - to look in the mirror and love yourself / your body / enjoy the big & small moments in life without picking yourself apart! I don’t think I would have been able to do that six months ago. Thank you to everyone in this community for all the support we give one another and for the boss ladies (Alex and Kelsey) for MM!


I have been doing MM since July 2018 and macro tracking for at least a year before starting MM. I keep track of every workout, macros, notes about my changes, progress, progress photos, lab results, and weight in a journal - all very helpful tools for me. But last week, after 2 weeks with the never ending winter cough and cold, and a melt down in a dressing room because nothing fit right, I decided I needed a time out. A structured time out (I do not quit on myself). So from Monday - Friday, I kept my nutrition on point but skipped some workouts and instead went to the chiropractor, the physical therapist, I baked cookies that did not involve the addition of protein powder (simply because I love to bake), and I read some inspiring books. I did not track all my usual data. And today I got right back in my routine and started the day with a workout with friends.

You know what happened? Nothing bad!!!! My strength stayed the same, my weight stayed the same, but my mood and my attitude greatly improved and I feel unstoppable again.
Previously, I may not have given myself the time out to de-stress if I had been feeling like I paid for 6 weeks of MM and like I was wasting time or money. But, I signed up for the yearly MM and in my mind I knew I have at least 6 months of support and guidance and did not feel guilty at all about doing it. I actually felt GREAT about doing it and listening to my body, emotions, and what I needed for my own well being. Thanks Alex Mazzurco and Kelsey Lynn for offering the yearly MM and for all the lessons I have learned so far!



I hit my goal weight the day before my wedding!* Because of Alex’s guidance, I can look back at memories of that day and know I looked amazing and be proud of my body. Macro Mindset has transformed the way I think about weight loss. I learned carbs are OKAY and not to be feared. I was able to not only navigate but ENJOY my bachelorette, bridal shower and everything in between. I found a group of people who will share ideas, recipes and cheer me on through this journey.




After nearly a year of Macro Mindset, I may weigh the same but have a COMPLETELY new body composition! Since September 2018 (even while cutting) I’ve replaced several pounds of fat with muscle. Clothes fit better. Non-scale victories become bigger than the number on the scale. Skin is clearing up. Confidence in a sustainable lifestyle is higher. Alex, Kelsey and the entire community make this process easy to follow and always worthwhile. I couldn’t be happier with my journey so far and can’t wait to continue working toward my goals!



I feel great! My stomach is flatter and my arms feel more toned. Definitely can tell a difference in pictures. Feeling frustrated to not see the scale go down, but the pictures help me see a difference.

*Not a single pound lost but look at how her body has changed. From sub 1200 calories to 2000 calories she has gained the mental and physical strength to change her body composition through food & fitness.

Screen Shot 2019-06-30 at 12.53.02 PM.png


SO much better! Actually really embraced my bod this week - we were in Thailand and I was rockin’ a bathing suit Monday-Friday. Put any thoughts of "ah my legs jiggle when I walk, I have "rolls" when I bend over or aren’t standing/laying flat, my arms shake" 100% aside and strutted like the inner Beyonce I am! massive mindset shift and it felt great! I even noticed 4 different spots where stretch marks are on my legs/hips that I never knew existed while laying in the pool one day and just shrugged it off, I have never ever been able to do that!!!

Screen Shot 2019-06-30 at 1.02.21 PM.png


These past three weeks I feel as though I have made a lot of progress. I also compared my first photos to these and it made me so happy. I honestly DO NOT recognize that girl. My body was fighting me, I was inflamed, and so upset with my progress. Since being in the best shape of my life as a competitive swimmer, this is the best I have felt about my appearance in over a year. I know the goal of a reverse is not to lose weight, BUT I finally feel as though my body is working with me and not against me anymore. I am so excited to see muscle definition and see striations coming back. WOOO!


I feel really good about my physical results this week. Im finally starting to see somewhat of booty gains #yasss, as well as feeling less bloated all of the time. When I look in the mirror, I’m starting to see small changes, holding less water, etc I look leaner and less puffy. Also this week while taking my pictures, I decided to compare them to when did the mini mindset in Dec. As well as last January when I really started to hold myself accountable for losing weight and holy moly. Lately I've been feeling a little bummed about not seeing a lot of change in the scale or physically, but seeing my progress made my motivation to keep going skyrocket.


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