Macros By Mazzurco was created after years of navigating my way through the fitness industry—as a college student, a runner, a competitor, as a female—and quickly realizing that the fitness industry is full of shit. Any program or coach promoting a “quick fix” to achieve your fitness goals does not have their clients’ health or well-being in mind: better butts in 7 days, 30 days to a 6-pack, 1,200-calorie diets, juice cleanses or skinny teas… these quick fixes are not sustainable and extremely detrimental to our mindset. After years of seeing women fall into this trap, I finally found my voice and my purpose to speak up and make a change.

We invest in you so you can invest in you.

Fitness and food are powerful tools that should be utilized and enjoyed— not seen as punishment or the enemy. I’m on a mission to change the mindset of women everywhere and empower them to lift, to eat, to find a balanced life, and to see the beauty inside themselves. When you realize the things your body and mind are capable of you, that confidence and empowerment translate into all other aspects of your life. With Macros By Mazzurco, you can achieve your goals. Through grit, you will succeed.

Tired of eating less and training more? Let us help you.


Read my journey from a varsity high school athlete to an out of shape college student on blood pressure medication to a competitive body builder.

I’ve been on a health and fitness journey for almost 15 years, learn about the many ups and downs, how I have navigated them and where I’ve landed today.

It’s all made me a better coach, healthier human and given me a louder voice in this space.