Lower Body Workouts

A full week of workouts focused on building that booty!


Self Love & Care Guide

To achieve your goals, you have to take care of #1. In this guide, you’ll learn self-love tips to help you mentally and self-care tips to help you physically on your journey!


Full Body Workouts

A full week of workouts to target your entire body!



How to make small diet changes and make a fresh, smart start? This freebie will give you the steps to create a sustainable & achievable goals!


Upper Body Workouts

A full week of workouts to target back, shoulders, biceps, & triceps!

Chocolate Recipe Book

This free recipe book includes three of my favorite chocolate recipes—perfect for Valentine’s Day or any time you’re craving a sweet treat!


Pumpkin Spice Recipes

If you’re basic AF like me (and proud of it), this recipe book includes my top five pumpkin spice recipes… including waffles! Perfect for the fall.


Top 5 Branding Tools You Need

These free simple tools will help you grow your brand and business! I use these tools myself and educate all of my Build Your Brand students on them, as well.