You don't have to diet. 

Everyone loves to pick a specific diet because it gives them a cause, which gives them a purpose. Something to stand behind or something to blame; carbs, sugar, meat, fats, processed foods, the list is endless. What if we stopped blaming inanimate objects and started acknowledging our own patterns and behaviors. What if you didn't have to eliminate or exclude things to lose weight and achiever your physique goals. 

By tracking your macronutrients, proteins, carbohydrates and fats, you can allow flexibility in your diet. A gram of protein is a gram protein, whether you get it from a chicken or a powder. A gram of carbohydrate is a gram whether it comes from brown rice, white rice, or a donut. A gram of fat is a gram of fat whether it comes from an avocado or peanut butter. Acknowledging the macro breakdown of foods, weighing, and tracking them allows you to allocate your daily macros to foods YOU enjoy. 

Strict meal plans, 1200 calories, salads, and zero carbs are not sustainable because they do not allow you to live. Life happens, birthdays happen, brunch happens, cravings happen, and yes you can choose to ignore them or not participate, but then binges happen. You associate foods as good and bad, creating food guilt, and bad eating habits. Food is fuel, your body not only wants it but needs it to function at it's optimal level.

I want to teach you the tools to change your relationship with food, to fuel your body, to change your body composition, most importantly I want to teach you food flexibility. If you're ready click HERE.



Everything you need to know to start tracking your macros, available with or without a one time macro setting consult. 


One on one nutrition coaching for 6 weeks. Includes Macros By Mazzurco Guide, weekly checkins, and fitness guidance. Month long programs available with workout programing.


6 week challenge to change your mindset towards food & fitness. My macro guide, custom set macros, and 6 weeks of workouts in a small group setting for accountability and communication.