12 Week Branding & Business Course


Weekly half hour one-on-one calls

12 weekly one hour group calls

Logo creation

Website creation

1 20 page Ebook Design

1 Freebie Download Design

1 Email Template

Email List Set Up

Brand & Business Coaching


Week 1: Vision/Theme/Finding your ideal client

  • Create a clear vision of the impact you are meant to have on the world.

  • Finding your strengths as a human being, and choosing a theme for your business.

  • Defining your ideal client

  • Buy your domain.

Week 2: Brand Brainstorm

  • Who is your ideal client, and what is their persona.

  • What will your brand look like.

Week 3: Ebook Brainstorm & Free Offers

  • What can you offer to your client to make your life easier?

  • Having a product to funnel people towards when they can’t afford your 1on1 coaching services.

  • How to use FREE products/challenges to get people to act on a call to action.

Week 4: Pricing & Your Worth, Logo Finalization

  • How to find the value of your time, and create a package/price list that's fair to you AND the client. WHY we set prices the way we do.

  • How to develop a script that aligns with YOUR voice to use on phone calls.

  • Using emotion, why calls close.

Week 5: Website Brainstorm

  • Wireframe build out.

  • Content creation homework.

  • Newsletter? Email sequence? What you choose to connect with the client.

Week 6: Instagram vs. Email

  • Stand out on Instagram.

  • Talk about your business and create a thriving community.

  • Creating an email list because you don't own social media.

Week 7: Website Work, first eBook Proof

  • Setting up your website.

  • Ebook creation and design.

  • Intake form creation.

  • Checkin form brainstorm.

Week 8: Best practices, Website Work

  • Walking you through squarespace.

  • Time management and building client relationships.

  • Finalizing website work.

Week 9: Launch

  • Website launch.

  • Checkin document and process launched.

  • Emails sent out!

I want to give you the platform to create your brand and your business. You are not your business, the brand you create is. If you are looking to make a bigger impact with the proper guidance and structure all while gifting beautiful and clear content to your clients, I am here to help.

Some examples of brands that I have built!

MegaFit Training

Nicole Ferrier Fitness

Primary Nourishment


Tazzi Training

Heather Stump Fitness

The Fitness Lioness

Jason Fay, Functional Sports Therapy

Moore Than Macros

Lil Buff Protein




$5,999 paid in full.

Or 3 payments of  2,099 at Week 1, Week 6 and Week 12. 

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