Day 1

Day 1

Day 1825

Day 1825

Day One

Day one I ate one piece of toast and did a 45 minute Hip Hop Abs video with my Mom. I did something to change my health everyday for 50 days. I say health and not body because unlike most girls I didn't have a body image issue, I had health and wellness issue, and in 50 days I had lost almost 15 pounds. Just by making uneducated "healthy" changes to my typical college lifestyle. Not only did my health and wellness improve, but I noticed the changes my body had made, and all it took was one day, that compounded into weeks, then months, then years.

I fixed myself, I loved my new body, now I needed another challenge. I was the skinny runner girl in high school, so why not go back to my cross country roots? I started training for Tough Mudders and half marathons. I ran a lot, cardio cleared my mind, each mile time became something to beat. When you run with the goal of a PR every run you burn yourself out and you end up with stress fractures. 

Things happen for a reason, I was broken and had to find a new outlet, I had seen bikini competitors and I new that was my next challenge. Little did I know the rollercoaster I was hopping on. Who knew you needed to eat more, lift a lot, do less cardio, buy a 300 dollar bedazzled bikini, become an oompa loompa, buy clear heals off of an exotic dancer website, learn how to pose, have the Sephora employees teach you how to do your make-up, and make sure you don't miss your class. 

The first year I competed I prepped for 5 months and stepped on stage 3 times, I followed the "bro diet", I did a lot of cardio, I trained the wrong muscle groups, I wore the wrong suit, I did my hair the wrong way, I did not know how to pose, I lacked confidence, experience, and knowledge and I didn't place once. I am extremely driven and competitive and I couldn't settle with those placings. I rebounded but I did not binge. 

I wanted to compete again but differently. There were girls on the internet eating protein bars and cereal AND prepping. Those were not in the long list of 10 foods I could eat on my "bro diet" and they were "bad foods", so what was I doing wrong, why did I have to be so restricted? I found macros and my coach, Adam Atkinson and my life changed. I interviewed him for over 2 hours, I demanded answers, explanations, and attention - all things a coach should provide. I realized I was different, my muscles grew quickly and they utilized carbs differently. I researched, I communicated, I was in tune with my body and Adam listened to me. 

I want to encourage people, specifically young women, that they can have their (buff) cake and eat it too. While it is impossible to spot reduce fat, you can change your body composition. You can create a shape and you can enjoy foods, you only have to throw everything you've ever been taught about losing weight out the window. 

You are not stuck where you land, your journey doesn't have a destination but it will lead you through many.